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Ultra Mechanix, Established in 2019 with a supply of original spare parts, equipment, machinery and engineering solutions. Products are frequently used in various industries such as thermal plant, steel plant, cement plant, chemical, carbon, ceramic, pharmaceutical, rubber, fertilizer plant, paper industry, sugar industry, vanaspati plant, lead oxide plant, etc. The use of the latest technology makes the products highly efficient. Consequently, these products also have a good demand on the international market. Despite the best quality, the price range is quite affordable. We have provided a wide range of spare parts from European and Asian manufacturers at competitive prices and flexible terms and conditions.

Above all, we are committed to providing every spare part or service that your plant needs to operate. When unexpected problems arise, you can trust us to respond quickly-and precisely: as part of our quality assurance program, we will always double-check the documentation to ensure that the correct part is ordered.


Our Product

Dust Collection & Extraction System

No matter which industry you are associated with, you are well aware that dust is one of the major pollutants of the soil and the environment. It is produced by manufacturing processes such as polishing, metal cutting, grinding and buffing.

Industrial Cranes

Our knowledge and experience, technology and creative ability in special cranes help us to apply this know-how to our most highly-demanded goods. It places us at the top of the industry and allows us to provide solutions with the highest quality guarantees under the leading foreign regulations.

Industrial Blowers

Manufacturer & supplier of a wide range of industrial flowers such as Combustion Blowers, Air Slide Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Limit Load Blowers. High pressure and low volume centrifugal ventilators are known as air slide blowers.

Bag Filters

A Bag Filter, one of the most versatile collectors for the removal of dry suspended particulate matter (SPM) from the air or gas stream in which the dust-bearing gas is transmitted unidirectionally through the filter medium of the fabric.

Industrial Fans

Manufacturers of centrifugal fan, dusting fan, axial flow fan, air slide fan, duct mounting fan, FD fan, ID Fan, DIDW Fan in India. The mechanical device used to move air or other gasses is known as a centrifugal fan.

Batch House

The batch house is the place where the raw glass material is stored in large silos before being sent to the phase of operation of the glass furnace. The raw materials are stored in the glass house of the batch. Here, the material is inspected and sampled to ensure that it is of standard size..


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